Oklahoma State University

Babylon Berlin: Die Großstadt in Literatur und Film

Intermediate Readings and Conversation II: Introduction to German Literature and Film

Intermediate Readings and Conversation I

Dartmouth College

Literature and Psychoanalysis: The Cultural Legacy of Sigmund Freud

The Case Study: Crime, Medicine, and Modern Society

The Case Study: From Detective Fiction to Medical Narratives

Mind Reading: Media and the Brain

University of Chicago

Erzählen: Arztfiguren (Advanced German)

Kurzprosa des 20. Jahrhunderts: Heimat (Intermediate German)

Deutsche Märchen: German through Fairy Tales (Intermediate German)

Elementary German for Beginners I, II, III (Department of Germanic Studies)

Dartmouth College

Beyond Good and Evil (Teaching Assistant)

Slavic Folklore (Teaching Assistant)